HIDEit 3SS | PlayStation PS3 SuperSlim Wall Mount

PS3 Mount for PlayStation 3 Super Slim Console

  • The HIDEit 3SS is a PS3 wall mount that enables vertical orientation for your PlayStation 3 Super Slim, unlike a typical component shelf. The 3SS is made from 16-gauge Steel finished in a glossy black powder coat that perfectly compliments the design of your PS3. With a 3SS mount, you can HIDEit behind your wall-mounted TV to save space or show it off and display it on the wall. The 3SS is a must-have PlayStation accessory!

    For Original PS4 Mount: HIDEit 4 | For PS4 Slim Mount: HIDEit 4S | For PS4 Pro: HIDEit 4P

    Is this the right PlayStation wall mount for my PlayStation console? This PlayStation wall mount was designed for the PlayStation 3 Super Slim console. Other PlayStation consoles will require a different HIDEit Mount.
    Will this hold up in an earthquake? Of course! Our PlayStation 3 Super Slim wall mount comes with drywall anchors rated for 25lbs each, much more than the weight of the console! Plus, with over 10 years in the industry, we've never had a mount fall.
    I thought consoles couldn't go vertical? This was only an issue with the Original Xbox One disc drive (digital content is fine). All PlayStation consoles since the PS2 Slim can be used while vertical, so ditch the shelf and HIDEit or SHOWit!