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Join the Wall Mount Revolution! You wall mounted your TV, now mount everything else!

It's time to unite in the name of home organization!  Say 'goodbye' to that giant TV shelf and fuhgeddaboudit - you don't need a clunky cabinet to store all of your precious electronic components. There IS a simple solution to your storage woes!  
Add Feng Shui to your Media Center and avoid an embarrassing
mountain of electronics on your TV stand...
WALL MOUNT your flat screen TV and EVERYTHING ELSE!  
Wall mount your Wii, wall mount your PS3, wall mount your Xbox...heck, you can even wall mount your AppleTV, your Roku, your DirecTV box and even your cable box! 

HIDEit Mounts are the perfect storage solution for your electronic components!

We're glad you've found us!  Once you order and receive your HIDEit Mounts, you'll officially be part of the Wall Mount Revolution!

Why choose a HIDEit Mount?

Multi-media Storage Solution We offer a complete line of wall mounts. 
Secure Acrylic or steel - easily supports the weight of the component.
Ventilate Openings in the right places to maximize air flow.
Access Access all ports and openings. Will not hinder Bluetooth signal.
Remote control signals will bounce off of walls.
Attractive Many of our mounts match the design elements of the component.
Easy to Install If you can hang a picture, you can hang a HIDEit Mount!

High-quality American Craftmanship - HIDEit Mounts are Made in the USA

Reasons YOU NEED a HIDEit Mount:
The Wii sensor cord is too short - I need it close to the TV...Mario Kart is calling me.
Bulky game consoles all over drive me crazy!  I'm done looking at the gaming mess!
I'm a hardcore gamer and proud. I need a tight way to show off my gaming systems!
I can't live without my Xbox, PS3 and cable box...but I ain't got no mo' room!
I have a secret Halo obsession...where else can I hide my Xboxand still use it?
My kid keeps pulling on the cords to my PS3 while I'm in the middle of Gran Turismo.
My last Xbox died of RROD. I won't chance putting it in a cabinet again.  Fail.
The DirecTV box remote won't work with the box inside the dresser.
I love streaming Netflix on my Roku, but having it hang down from a cord looks weird.
I'm so tech savvy that my Mac mini is a media center; now I need it to look like magic.
I want a sweet entertainment area that looks custom with everything...hidden.