The Gift Aftermath

They looked like they were glowing when they opened that new game console. It was glorious, it really was. Now reality has set in and you're in full holiday-hangover mode. And that console has taken over with it's tentacle-like cords! And those controllers...they're almost as bad as stepping on toy cars. Less painful, but more expensive to replace.

What's The Solution?

Getting the kids to keep their room clean is hard enough. Give their consoles a place to live - wall mount them behind or next to the TV with HIDEit Mounts. Then it's easy to hide the cords behind the TV so the area will always look tidy. We have mounts for controllers so even they can have a place to call home. And once in a while they'll actually get put back where they belong. Bonus: the console and controllers are less likely to get damaged. But watch out for those toy cars.

Kids Gaming Room | Game Console | Xbox One S | Before and After

Where Do You Start? 

It seems like a daunting task but it's actually really easy! Watch this 3-minute video to get the gist or check out our How To Install Instructions that will take you, step by step, through the installation process. Yes, you can do it yourself. No, a drill is not necessary. Don't worry, you'll have that mess transformed in no time!


What Can You Mount?