Moving to a New Home?

Moving is the perfect time to wall mount your TV!

But, what about your cable box, media players and game consoles? Get the clean and sleek TV setup you've always wanted and ditch that bulky media cabinet!

HIDEit all behind the TV so you can Watch TV. Clutter Free.™ 

 Which TV mount works best?

When wall mounting multiple devices behind your TV, we recommend purchasing a fully articulating or full motion wall mount. Full motion mounts let you extend the TV away from the wall as far as needed to allow the components to fit behind the TV. Don't worry, you only need enough space for the components, about 2-3 inches.  


Tip: Choose a TV Mount that has a small wall footprint. You want that wall space for your components!

There are a lot of different options available, so here are links to some of the most trusted models: 

Will the remote control still work?

The single biggest question most of the people introduced to us have is "How does the remote work?" We have a full explanation and reviews talking about the function here.

Test it for yourself: simply hold your cable box behind your TV, you may have to maneuver the sensor so it's facing toward the edge of the TV, then have someone try to change the channel. Most people find the remote works without issue.

Tip: If your remote doesn't work, purchase an IR extender for around $10. 

What about overheating?

Another common concern people have is regarding the heat put off by the devices and the TV. Newer TVs are increasingly energy efficient and generally cool to the touch on the back because most of the energy is directed to the screen.

Our mounts have been designed with ventilation in mind and will not hinder air flow. Plus, having the devices on the wall instead of inside a media cabinet allows the warm air to rise up and away instead of being trapped with the device. 

Which HIDEit Mount do I need?

We offer mounts specific to many of the newer media players and game consoles. We also have mounts made just for other electronics like the Mac mini and Amazon Echo. When it comes to cable boxes or other similar devices, you will want to measure your device and use our HIDEit Mount Finder.