HIDEit Mounts + E3 Expo 2017

HIDEit at E3?!!!

We're Gamers. OF COURSE exhibiting at E3 has been a long time goal for HIDEit. This year, we decided it was the right time to show off HIDEit to the Gaming Community at the biggest gaming show. E3, here we come!

WHEN: June 13-15, 2017
WHERE: Booth 2363, Los Angeles Convention Center


The HIDEit Booth

We recreated our famous HIDEit Gamer Wall for our E3 Booth! You would think that using our mounts on a trade show booth would be easy, but nowadays, most free standing booths are fabric stretched over an aluminum frame. We added extra support to allow us to attach our mounts, consoles, and TVs. The main image is our Gamer Wall from our Showroom in Reno but the setups on the sides are real and fully functional gaming stations.

Just a Sneak Peak for now...see more once we’re at the Expo ;)

The Uni-C

We went all out. Why? Because it's E3! We're giving away controller mounts at the show and leading up to the show! This is the unveiling of our new Uni-C with embossed logo. That means no more stickers which makes the Operations Team happy. Make sure to follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram! #HIDEitGaming #E3

Going to miss E3?

Follow along with our journey - we'll make you feel like you are there with us! And since we are giving away Controller Mounts at the show, we want you to have a chance to win one before E3. Just snap a pick with your controller, post with tags #HIDEitGaming #Controller, and you could be the lucky winner!

One person each day will win a FREE Controller Mount! 5/30-6/13/2017
* Must use proper hashtags to win. One controller per person.


The Controller Shop + HIDEit Mounts Team Up

We didn’t want to have just any controllers to show off at our E3 Booth, so we talked to our friends at The Controller Shop. They made custom, tricked out Controller Shop + HIDEit Controllers for us. And the best part? We’ll be giving them away at E3. If you're at E3 you can win by posting your a picture of yourself at our booth and Tagging @controllershop and @hideitmounts