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  • So, this is where we tell you WHY we are better than the rest. No really, we're about to toot our own horn.

    MADE IN THE USA. That may not mean much to some, but it means A LOT to us. We watched companies send their manufacturing to China in the late 90's and into the 2000's. We watched tons of people get laid off and in our previous careers, spent years helping those people find new jobs. We started this business during the recession in 2009 determined to do our part to help this country. We are committed to using American vendors and parts.

    EXPERIENCE. We have been trying to creatively store components for years, long before HIDEit Mounts was even a consideration. And after more than 5 years of making device wall mounts, we've learned a thing or two. We've designed dozens and dozens of mounts. We've tried various materials. We've listened to our thousands of customers. We use all of that feedback and our direct experience to create new innovative and functional designs.

    STATE-OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING. Quality is of the utmost importance to us. We carefully select our vendors to ensure they meet high quality standards including ISO Certification. Modern manufacturing techniques are used to ensure our mounts are consistently made, meeting low tolerance thresholds.

    SUPERIOR MATERIALS. We've tried plenty. Our mounts that are made from acrylic are high quality and thick enough to support substantial weight. We use 16-gauge cold rolled steel for most of our metal mounts. Cold rolled steel because it is said to increase the strength and hardening by 20%. Our 16-gauge steel is thicker than the standard for auto body panels. We powder-coat all of our metal mounts which prevents rust but it also provides a smooth surface that will prevent damage to your components.

    You may be able to find a cheaper option, but just remember, you get what you pay for!

  • All HIDEit Manufacturing & Operations are located in the greater Reno, NV area. Want to join the HIDEit Family? Visit our Careers Page

    Relina Shirley | HIDEit Mounts  RELINA | Co-Founder and CEO | Entrepreneur | Mom | Tech Junkie | Superhero Nerd | Foodie

    Relina Shirley is CEO and co-founder of HIDEit Mounts, a leading vertical wall mounting company for all TV electronic components including cable boxes, gaming consoles, streaming devices and more.   

    As a self-funded entrepreneur -- whose initial investment was paid back within the first year of business – Relina turned her frustration with attempting to conceal cable boxes, wires and gaming consoles around the home into a successful new market for globally distributed products.

    A little “before their time,” the parents of three often found themselves seeking out organizational solutions for their home theater that didn’t exist yet. Since then, the tech-loving duo have developed and patented the only adjustable vertical component mount that is commonly used for cable boxes and witnessed multiple products, including the HIDEit MiniU for Mac Mini and the HIDEit 4 for PS4 earn the titles of “best seller” and “hot new release” on Amazon.com.

    Under Relina’s leadership, she can boast about clients like Celebrity Cruise Ships, Legoland UK, Buzzfeed and Indeed offices, iTunes corporate; has overseen the company’s sales growth of well over 1,000% since 2014; and was the recipient of the Reno Gazette Journal’s 2016 Small Business of the Year.

    Relina resides in Reno, Nevada (also HIDEit’s headquarters) with her husband and three sons. When she’s not busy at work on her latest home DIY project or coaching her sons’ baseball games, she’s cooking for family and friends.

    Chuck Shirley | HIDEit Mounts  CHUCK | Co-Founder  Entrepreneur | Dad | Gamer | DIY | Comic Geek

    Chuck Shirley is COO and co-founder of HIDEit Mounts, a leading vertical wall mounting company for all TV electronic components including cable boxes, gaming consoles, streaming devices and more.   

    A self-proclaimed tinkerer, recreational gamer and natural-born entrepreneur, Chuck along with his wife, Relina Shirley, turned their passion and a simple DIY home solution into a thriving small business and globally distributed one-of-a-kind product!

    With three young kids – and a whole lot of gaming systems – Chuck and Relina first created HIDEit as a personal home solution. With no quality wall mounts on the market, they were determined to find an easy way to keep their consoles safe from kids and spills, out of site and secure. From there, HIDEit was born and today, hundreds of thousands of homes around the world as well as major businesses -- even hospitals and schools around the U.S. -- have chosen HIDEit Mounts for their personal and professional spaces.

    At HIDEit, Chuck is responsible for the company’s back-end operations, product development, customer service, and more. Under Chuck’s direction, HIDEit has expanded from 1 sku to over 40 skus and counting.  Operationally he has been key in growing HIDEit from out of the garage and into a facility with plenty of room for continuous growth.

    He resides in Reno, Nevada (also HIDEit’s headquarters) with his beautiful wife and charismatic three sons. When he’s not busy building his business or keeping up with the kids activities, he enjoys learning about new gaming devices, capturing over the air HD signals, and playing with new media streaming players.
  • It all started in 2008. Chuck and Relina, having 2 young boys at the time, fell for every ounce of marketing that Nintendo had put out. It was a gaming system that the boys could use as toddlers. They were sold. Chuck brought the Wii home like it was another child...he was so happy to have another Nintendo! 

    Chuck started by placing the console in the cabinet with the rest of the components. What he forgot to consider is the sensor bar. Come to find, the cord from the sensor bar to the Wii wasn't long enough to reach into the component cabinet. The TV lived above the fireplace so the Wii became it's nearest neighbor finding it's home on the fireplace mantel.

    A few months had passed when Relina finally said that the Wii had to find a new home. Then they noticed that there was more than enough space behind the TV for the little Wii console, so why not put it there? Being avid online shoppers, they took to the internet to find a Wii Wall Mount. No luck. There wasn't one.

    Chuck, being the DIY guy that he is, took off to Home Depot to grab a few things. He walked in 30 minutes later with a blow torch and sheets of plastic. He spent another hour or so in the garage making the first HIDEit Mounts prototype. It was rough, but it worked!

    After a few glasses of wine, they discussed his handy-man solution. Then the light bulb went on! They couldn't possibly be the only ones looking for this kind of solution! They began researching local prototype companies. Several prototypes were made. The design seemed so simple but it didn't need to be complicated...it just worked. So, they contracted a local company to build a small run of Wii Wall Mounts.

    On another night with a little more wine, Relina threw out the name HIDEit Mounts and it stuck. That was it! From there, Chuck created a rough version of the HIDEit Mounts logo using Microsoft Paint. They took a few pictures, bought the domain name, setup a Microsoft website and waited. It only took a few days before they got their first order! Then there was another. And another. Then potential customers started asking about mounts for other consoles and cable boxes.

    From there, HIDEit Mounts grew and grew, and they continue to create new mounts for various devices. It's no longer a side job or hobby run out of their garage. It's their passion. And, they couldn't be more thankful to the thousands of people that have chosen HIDEit Mounts. Because of them, Chuck and Relina are living the American Dream.