HIDEit Uni-NSM | Adjustable Network Switch Mount

Adjustable Wall Mount for Small and Medium Networking Devices that would fit in a 1U Server Rack Slot

  • Our vertical wall mount is the perfect storage solution for small to mid-sized networking devices. When you're faced with a full rack and not enough components to need an additional rack or just a few devices and no need for a rack our Uni-NSM is your ideal solution. The mount adjusts to fit a wide variety of networking devices that would typically fit in a 1U server rack slot. Our mount aligns with the 19 inch standard maintained by the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA). (Standard: EIA-310-E, or their equivalents: IEC-60297-3-100 or DIN 41494.)  The minimalist design provides access to necessary ports while maintaining airflow comparable to open frame rack mounts. This mount has a load rating of 15lbs, it is recommended to mount into a stud when exceeding 10lbs.

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    Product Name: HIDEit Uni-NSM, Network Switch Wall Mount
    UPC: 858691006234
    Includes: #8 Flat Countersink Screws, Drywall Anchors, Black Thumbnuts
    Dimension Range: H 11.125-19.125 x L 5-13 (overhang is fine) x D 1.68-2.87 in (282.70-485.90 x 127.0-330.2 (overhang is fine) x 42.67-73.0 mm)