HIDEit WU | Nintendo Wii U Wall Mount


Wii U Mount for the Nintendo Wii U Video Game Console

  • The Wii U has everything you loved about the Wii, including backward compatibility, but it also has Wii U specific games that add a whole new dimension with the Wii U GamePad.  It's a touchscreen, it's a controller, it's a screen for viewing extra content, and you can even play on just the GamePad instead of up on the TV.  Parents love having the ability to tell the kids to play on the GamePad, then they can put whatever they want on the TV.  Genius! HIDEit Mounts began thanks in part to the Nintendo Wii so Nintendo holds a special place in our heart.  We designed the WU, our Wii U Mount, to seamlessly blend with your Wii U game console. It has a small tab that will help keep your Wii U in place, preventing any sliding when you access the disk drive and buttons. The WU is available in either black or white, just like the Wii U.

    For Nintendo Wii Mount: HIDEit Uni-SW

    Is this the right wall mount for my Nintendo Wii U? Yes! This mount was designed to work with the Wii U console. Other Nintendo devices, such as the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii, will require a different HIDEit Mount.
    Can this be mounted horizontally under a desk? Yes! Depending on the thickness of the desk, shorter mounting screws may be required.
    Will this hold up in an earthquake? Of course! Our Nintendo Wii U wall mount comes with drywall anchors rated for 25lbs each, much more than the weight of the console! Plus, with over 10 years in the industry, we've never had a mount fall.