HIDEit R5 | Roku 5 Wall Mount

Roku Mount for 5th Gen Roku Ultra Digital 4K HD Streaming Player

  • The 5th generation of Roku devices offer smooth streaming at 4K resolution. Access your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more! Roku's radio frequency remote ensures you don't need line of sight so HIDE away! Our mount let's you easily wall mount your 5th Generation Roku Device on the wall behind your TV for a clean organized look.

    For Roku 4 Mount: HIDEit R4

    Is this the right mount for my Roku device? This mount was designed for the 5th Generation Roku Ultra and Roku Premiere.
    Is there any single interference with the Roku mounted behind the TV? Nope! Infrared, RF and Bluetooth signals will still work with the device mounted behind the TV, so you can ditch the ugly shelf! Read why it works.