HIDEit Uni-MW | Adjustable Medium+Wide Component Mount

Adjustable Wall Mount for Medium+Wide Electronic Devices: Video Game Console, Cable Box, Satellite Receiver & More

  • Flat screens are here to stay...from plasma, to LCD, to LED. Tube TVs are a thing of the past and so is your need to keep that giant media cabinet that your old Tube TV called Home. Media shelving units aren't much smaller, so ditch the extra piece of furniture - you don't need it anymore! Wall mount your cable box, game console and other components with an adjustable wall mount. Take back your living room. Spruce up your guest room. Hey, maybe you'll even let the kids have a TV in their room...the possibilities are endless!

    Use the Uni-MW + Theft Deterrent Add-On to prevent theft in public places.

    Not sure if this is the right mount for your device? Check here.

    Patented since 2015

    Product Name: HIDEit Uni-MW
    UPC: 798304245417
    Includes: #8 Flat Countersink Screws, Drywall Anchors
    Dimension Range: H 10-13.95" x L 8" (overhang is fine) x D 2.5-3.75”