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HIDEit Mounts

HIDEit Uni-TD | Theft Deterrent for Uni-M + Uni-L Mounts

HIDEit Exclusive Locking Theft Deterrent Add-on compatible with Uni-M + Uni-L Mount Models

Do you have electronic components in a public area?  Need to keep your components safe and secure from falling but also protect them from being stolen? Our Universal Theft Deterrent Add-On is a great way to keep your component in place and keep it "locked" from theft.  The Theft Deterrent Kit includes 6 "locking" nuts to replace the wing nuts on our Universal Mounts plus the tool to "unlock" the nuts and 2 arms that will prevent the component from being easily removed. This setup has been used to secure game consoles and cable boxes in hospitals and other public areas. These are also a great addition to secure components in RVs.

    1. Adjustable to fit a wide range of components when partnered with a Uni Mount.
    2. Prevents devices from sliding out of Uni Mounts.
    3. Theft Deterrent Nut requires provided tool to remove.
    4. Cold-rolled 16-gauge Steel for superior strength.
    5. Powder coat finish protects from scratches.
    6. Quick and easy to assemble and install. No measuring, no templates. Minimal tools needed.
    7. Includes 2 brackets, Theft Deterrent Nuts and tool. Stud mounting is suggested for greater Theft Protection.
  • Product Name: HIDEit Uni-TD
    UPC: 798304245448
    Vertical Dimension Range: Each bracket adds 1.5" to vertical Length.
    Uni-M/MW/MXW + TD = max L 11.0"
    Uni-L/LS + TD = max L 13.0"

    HIDEit Uni-M
    HIDEit Uni-MW
    HIDEit Uni-MXW
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