HIDEit Sony XBR-49X8 1AC Power Supply Wall Mount


Sony XBR-49X8 1AC Power Supply Wall Mount

  • HIDEit seeks to help you seamlessly integrate your electronic devices into your home. Our Sony XBR Power Brick Mount helps with one of the biggest struggles - the dreaded external power supply. With a depth of 1.3” and a length of 6” this mount fits the XBR-49X8 1AC Power Supply perfectly. Instead of adhesive which fails over time, this powder-coated steel mount is made to last!

    Which power supplies work with this mount? This mount was custom designed for the Sony XBR-49X8 1AC Power Supply, but also works with other external power supplies and devices, such as the AXIS T8120 Midspan Power over Ethernet Injector.
    Can this mount work with surge protectors or power strips? Yes! As long as your power supply or device fits in the dimensions of the mount, it will work!
    How wide is the mount? The HIDEit XBR is 1.3” wide and 6” long, but can fit power supplies and surge protectors longer than 6”.