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Xbox 720 & PS4 - Rumor Has It

February 20, 2013 should prove to be an interesting day! The long awaited PS4 will officially be revealed by Sony. It looks like we should hear about the Xbox 720 from Microsoft this Spring and if we're lucky, both consoles will launch in the US just in time for the 2013 holiday season! You bet we're excited!

Rumor has it, that the PS4 will have a Controller redesign with a touchpad in the center and a dedicated 'Share' button. The PS4 may record the last 15 minutes of play for your sharing pleasure. Bye, bye DualShock. And, the PS4 is going to be more PC-like. They are talking 4GB right now, but the PS4 should offer an improved data moving speed that was an issue with the PS3.

It is expected that both the PS4 (code name Orbis) and the Xbox 720 (code name Durango) will see vast improvements to their processing power...improved graphics cards, more bandwith, and the ability to support 4K graphics. We can't wait to see what they do with their Motion-Capture Control (PS Move and Xbox Kinect).

Rumor has it that the Xbox 720 will be a Blu-ray player! Both will continue being multi-media centers.

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