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Super Mario Bros Wii Rocks!

Have you had the chance to play the new Super Mario Bros Wii? Ok, well its not so new now, but it is new to me. At the recommendation of my lovely wife, our two boys picked it up for me for Christmas this past year. It is AWESOME!

To begin with, they have stayed true to the basics, coins, mushrooms, turtles, flags, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess, Koopa, and all! The biggest difference from the classic SNES versions that I played forever as a young teenager, is that now you can play up to 4 people all at the same time. This is probably also the most challenging part. Now your co-players can get in the way when you are trying to dash or jump, can hit you with a turtle and make you small again, can push you off the ledge or into a bullet, and more. On a different note, during the more challenging the levels the inexperienced players can bubble and just float through a level, but you have to be careful because the fire or ice balls from the other players will burst their bubble. Many times having multiple players is very helpful, especially while playing the castle levels. For example, during the boat level of the game in World 8, my 3 and 5 year old each also hit Koopa Junior after I died and we won the level! It was high fives all around!

All in all we are super impressed with the new Super Mario Bros Wii by Nintendo! Even with the advances in Video Gaming technology, they stayed true to the game that once got me in trouble with my mother for playing too much. Not much has changed, now my wife does the same!

Happy Gaming!

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