June 18, 2019 2 min read


For the love of skateboarding, that’s why. School’s out for summer and it’s the perfect time for a session (Gotta eat!)

Launching our HIDEit VSkate Mount brought back some awesome memories for our staff as they shared skateboarding stories. Chuck, Co-Founder and COO of HIDEit Mounts, is a longtime cruiser. As a kid, his first real skateboard was an Eric Nash pro deck with Tracker Trucks and Slime Ball Wheels.

“I loved that skateboard. It was so cool…and got stolen out of my garage within two months,” remembers Chuck. “Growing up in Southern California it was easy being into skateboarding. I used to watch the Bones Brigade. And while I don’t have a favorite skater, I admire Tony Hawk. He’s an old guy that’s still doing cool sh*t.”

From kids to old guys still doing Ollies, everyone can use sports gear organization. That’s what HIDEit SPORTS is all about - storing sports equipment safely and keeping it organized for easy grab n’ go access.



We knew producing a vertical skateboard mount that worked with all complete skateboards would be challenging, but then we raised the bar - this mount also had to be minimal, sleek, and ultra affordable.

We kicked-off the process by making plastic molds of different skateboard trucks so we could get a closer look at the details (or maybe it was just a good excuse to use the heat gun!) We created a handful of prototypes for inspiration, made adjustments, and even went back to the drawing board. As you can see from the prototypes below, our team grinded out a number of designs (with a little blood, sweat, and tears) until the final version was perfect.



We’re stoked about the HIDEit VSkate’s simple and sleek design. It’s heavy-duty to hold longboards, yet small enough to store penny boards. The unique angle stores your favorite skateboard securely and discretely so you can mount it in your garage or show it off indoors.

  • Universal design fits all complete skateboard types.
  • Powder-coat finish resists rust. Perfect for indoor or outdoor.
  • Rib for superior strength and heavy use.
  • Made in the USA from 12-gauge, cold-rolled steel for durability.
  • Quick and easy to install. Minimal tools needed.

  • WORKS WITH: All complete skateboards including OG, Longboards, Penny Boards, Street and Popsicle Boards.

    Rey and Chuck’s son, Topher, couldn’t wait for us to finish this photoshoot so he could ride his Hodad’s skateboard!