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Is there a difference when it comes to mounting an Apple TV 4 versus the Apple TV 4K? Definitely! Unlike competitors, we customize our mounts for the newest devices - it’s what helps set us apart from the competition.

And good news, our existing ATV4K Mount works with the latest Apple TV released in 2021! Read on to find out more.


When Apple released the Apple TV 4K model in 2017, we immediately wondered what changes might need to be made to our existing Apple TV 4 (4th generation) Mount. The ATV4 and 4K devices are so similar; they’re practically identical from the front. However, taking a closer look, we noticed a very important difference on the back of the ATV4K device. Vents!

A product comparison done by 9to5 states, "the fourth-generation Apple TV maxed out at 1080p video at 60 frames per second, the new 4K model supports a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160." Faster processing means more heat, and Apple knew it was necessary to make specific changes to accommodate cooling.

Well, HIDEit knows the importance of not blocking vents and ports as well!

HIDEit ATV4K Mount for Apple TV 5th generation.

One of our mounts’ key features is to ensure our sleek signature designs allow for maximum airflow. Shockingly, no one else in the market has redesigned their ATV4 Mount to accommodate this all-important aspect properly. We’ve had a solution for every Apple TV generation and were eager to lead the industry with another innovative mount once again!

Will This Mount Work for the New Apple TV 4K (2021)?

Simply put, yes! 

Whether Apple calls it the Apple TV 4K 6th generation or the Apple TV 4K 2nd generation, our mount will work!

We were waiting to see if Apple would announce a new Apple TV since rumors were running rampant. Our design team kept a close eye on their April 20th event to prepare themselves. 

Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) with the new Siri Remote (2nd generation)The new Apple TV 4K with Siri Remote

Apple did announce a new Apple TV 4K for 2021! Alongside the announcement, the company announced some new features to the popular streaming media player. Apple is updating the internal chipset with the A12 Bionic chip, which will help power the new device. With the new chip, the Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) supports higher frame rate HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Dolby Vision, perfect for watching fast-paced sports or the home videos shot on your iPhone 12. HDR is currently supported on video apps such as Netflix and Disney+, and Apple notes they are working with FOX Sports, NBCUniversal, Paramount+, Red Bull TV, and Canal+ to support 60 frames per second video.

While the look of the set-top box didn’t get a radical change, the Siri Remote got a much-needed redesign. Gone is the large touchpad, replaced with a smaller touch wheel and a new back button. The Siri button has also been moved to the right side of the remote. To answer the question of where to mount your Apple TV, behind your TV is the perfect spot. No need to worry; the Siri Remote (2nd generation) will still work.

Just to reiterate, YES, our Apple TV 4K Mount will work for the new Apple TV, the Apple TV HD and the 4th generation Apple TV! So whether you already have one and are looking to upgrade or you need to buy a few for your home, rest assured HIDEit has the best Apple TV mount!


HIDEit Apple TV mount for Apple TV 1st generation.HIDEit ATV Mount 1st Gen
HIDEit Apple TV mount for Apple TV 2nd generation.HIDEit ATV Mount 2nd Gen
HIDEit Apple TV 3rd generation steel wall mount.HIDEit ATV Mount 3rd Gen


We made a slight adjustment to our HIDEit ATV4 steel mount design, adding cutouts that align with the Apple TV 4K’s (2017 and 2021 models) vents, giving the device appropriate breathing room.

HIDEit ATV4K Wall MountHIDEit ATV4K Wall Mount
Apple ATV4K Wall Mount with Apple TV 4KEasily Install ATV4K in Mount
HIDEit ATV4K Wall Mount with Apple TV 4KMount Won't Block Vents

We’re also firm believers that metal mounts are better - providing strength and stability for each device, as well as peace of mind for our customers knowing their device is secure. Our original mount for the Apple TV (1st generation) was made of acrylic, and ten years of research and development put us at the forefront. We now use 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel plus a powder coat finish to prevent rusting on all of our wall mounts and protect your devices.

"We received a lot of praise from AV integrators during the CEDIA 2017 conference for having a metal mount versus a plastic mount. Their biggest concerns were heat issues and adhesives failing.” ~ Chuck Shirley, Founder and COO


Our patented HIDEit ATV4K Mount’s unique VESA hole pattern provides mounting versatility with 100 or 200mm patterns so you can easily mount it to the back of a TV. Or, conveniently mount it to a wall mounted TV bracket using our VESA Adapter Bracket. No matter where your Apple TV placement, rest assured it’ll work. And now, you already have an Apple TV 2021 mount! Your options are endless!

• Mount anywhere with cords facing any direction.
• Simple and sleek design doesn't block ports.
• Won't interfere with Wireless or Bluetooth Signals. Does not require line of sight.
• Designed in the USA. Made from 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel for durability.
• Quick and easy to install. Minimal tools needed.

HIDEit Apple TV 4K Mounts can be found in school districts in the US and Canada, California medical facilities, Magnolia Home Theaters and Western Digital Facilities.

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