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HIDEit DTV-DVR - DirecTV DVR Mount (HR24-500)


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HIDEit DTV-DVR - DirecTV DVR Mount (HR24-500)


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The DTV-DVR has been replaced by the Uni-LS

DirecTV DVR Wall Mount

As the #1 Satellite TV provider, odds are pretty good that you or someone you know has DirecTV and loves them.  But, there is still an issue...where do you put the satellite box?!  If you put it in the cabinet, you have to open the cabinet to change the channel.  If it's on top of the cabinet and sits higher than where you normally sit, you have to raise your arm up for the signal to hit.

Did you know that, more often than not, your remote control will work BETTER if you mount your satellite box behind the TV?  Hard to believe, but test it out yourself - have a strong friend hold the satellite DVR for you behind your TV and voilà!  We've trested it and in some home theater setups, the remote will change the channel from the other room!  Try it.

With the improved remote revellation along with the need to put it somewhere, HIDEit Mounts brings you the HIDEit DTV-DVR which is made from durable acrylic to easily handle the weight of your DirecTV DVR Receiver.


  • Ambidextrous. Open design enables you to mount your DirecTV HR24-500 DVR on the right or left side, behind your flat screen TV.
  • Accessible.  Won't block the power button, output jacks, and cables on your DirecTV DVR.

HIDEit DTV-DVR Mount is made from durable clear acrylic.

DirecTV DVR Vertical Dimensions: H 15" x L 9.625" x D 2.375"
Models:  DirecTV HR24-500 (sometimes referred to as H24-500)

HIDEit DTV-DVR Mount, Drywall Screws and Anchors, Mounting Instructions

* DirecTV DVR box sold separately

SKU: HIMDTV-DVR 798304149012
Interior Dimensions: H 15.125" x L 8.5" x D 2.4375" 

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