HIDEit ATV2 - Apple TV Mount (2010-current)

HIDEit ATV2 - Apple TV Mount (2010-current)
  • HIDEit ATV2 - Apple TV Mount (2010-current)
  • HIDEit ATV2 - Apple TV Mount (2010-current)

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Current AppleTV Wall Mount

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The Apple TV is a must-have for any Mac Fanatic!  The 3rd Gen Apple TV has 1080p HD for your viewing pleasure.  Why show off your family pics on a little digital frame when you can show them off to music on your flat screen!  If that's not enough, with the Apple TV you can put all of your media from your iPhone or iPad up on your big screen by using AirPlay!  The Apple TV is still a multi-functional media device so feel free to watch video from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo or YouTube!

The HIDEit ATV2 Apple TV Mount makes it super easy to keep your Apple TV close to your TV.  If you can sync your Apple TV with your iTunes, you can definitely handle the 2-screw installation of the ATV2!

  • Accessible. Won't block the cable ports on your Apple TV. 
  • Take and Go. Your Apple TV can be removed so you can take it on vacation or to another room with ease.

HIDEit ATV2 Mount is made from durable clear acrylic glass.

* Apple TV remote does need line of sight, so choose a suitable location accordingly or control your Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad.

Apple TV Vertical Dimensions: H 3.9" x L 3.9" x D 0.9"
Models: 2nd Generation (9/2010), 3rd Generation (3/2012)
HIDEit ATV2 Mount, Drywall Screws and Anchors, Mounting Instructions  
* Apple TV not included

SKU: HIMATV2 798304149029
Interior Dimensions: H 3.9" x L 3.9" x D 0.9"

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