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HIDEit 3S - PS3 Slim Mount (2009-2012)


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HIDEit 3S - PS3 Slim Mount (2009-2012)


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The 3S has been replaced by the Uni-M

PS3 Slim Wall Mount

The best PlayStation to date, the PlayStation 3 Slim is a gaming powerhouse and a top of the line Blu-Ray player!  This little baby can multi-task like nobody's business, so if you don't want to have a ton of electronics, the PS3 will do just about everything you need.  Stream from Netflix, play Rock Band, watch Avatar in 3D Blu-Ray and more!

The HIDEit 3S PS3 Slim Mount, was designed for use with the slim version PlayStation 3.  The sleek design of the 3S matches the subtle curves of your PlayStation 3 and is a gorgeous way to flaunt your PS3.  If you are the shy-type, the HIDEit 3S will neatly hide your PS3 Slim behind your wall mounted TV.

  • Ambidextrous. Open design enables you to mount your PS3 Slim on the right or left side, behind your flat screen TV.
  • Accessible.  Won't block the power button, disc opening, memory card slots, nor cable ports on your Sony PlayStation 3.
  • Take and Go.  Your PS3 can easily slide out so you are free to take your PlayStation with you on the go.

HIDEit 3S Mount is made from durable clear acrylic glass.

PS3 Vertical Dimensions: H 11.4" x L 11.4" x D 2.6"
Models: 120 GB Slim (Charcoal Black - 9/2009), 250 GB Slim (Charcoal Black, White and Pink - 10/2009), 160 GB Slim (Charcoal Black, Classic White, Titanium Blue - 7/2010), 320 GB Slim (Charcoal Black, Classic White - 7/2010)

HIDEit 3S Mount, Drywall Screws and Anchors, Mounting Instructions

* PS3 Slim and HIDEit PlayStation Accessory Mounts are sold separately

SKU: HIM3S 798304078961
Interior Dimensions: H 11.3.75" x L 11.5625" x D 2.6875" 

Dont forget to wall mount your controllers.

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