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HIDEit Mounts Valentine's Day Promotion



Unfortunate news about Xbox One

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At HIDEit Mounts, we have built our business around the devices that connect to our TVs from game consoles to digital media players.  For years, game consoles have been able to be placed either horizontal or vertical.  That vertical orientation is crucial for our mounts since they are designed for saving space elsewhere and taking advantage of unused wall space.


Well...the Xbox One was designed to be placed horizontal ONLY.  According to Microsoft, the Xbox One can experience damage to the disk drive if placed vertically and if you place it vertical, you do so at your own risk.  All Xbox 360 consoles, Nintendo consoles, and PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles have been designed for either horizontal or vertical orientation so why the change?  According to Microsoft, the issue is their slot loading drive...yet even consoles like the PS3 and PS4 which have similar drives, have no problem with being placed vertically.  Microsoft claims that only 20% of Xbox customers place their consoles vertically...given our business, I think that number is growing.  Even still, what about that 20% of us?!


It's a shame that Xbox didn't see that being vertically challenged would pose a problem!  I suppose if you don't intend on using discs with your Xbox One, maybe you could take advantage of our products...but you would still be doing so at your own risk.  And, watch out putting it in a cabinet since the heat concerns with the Xbox One are just as bad as they have been with previous Xbox consoles.  For us, this renders the Xbox One nearly useless.


For all of our customers that have anxiously awaited an Xbox One HIDEit Mount, we are very sorry to deliver this news.  Seems like we aren't the only ones who are disappointed.  Check out: MaximumPC


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We got our hands on a PS4 this morning at midnight and are thrilled to officially announce that our Uni-M works perfectly with the PlayStation 4.  

If you pre-ordered your PS4 or were one of the lucky few to snag an extra one last night, order your Uni-M for PlayStation 4 by Monday 11/18 and save $5.  

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HIDEit Mounts - Customer Reviews

A few months ago we added an app to our online store thanks to Yotpo that allows our valuable customers to provide their feedback on our products. 

Thanks to our amazing customers, we have some incredible reviews for our prospective customers to read.  We are thrilled that so many of our customers love our products and so many have given us 5 stars!

If you are on the fence about HIDEit Mounts, please read the reviews.  They are from real customers - check out Yotpo and you'll see that it's all legit!

We would like to thank our loyal customers!!!  We wouldn't have been able to build this company without you!  We heart you!


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Xbox One and Xbox 360 Redesign

Today at E3, Xbox announced another new Xbox 360 console that is smaller and has a more modern, sleek design.  It resembles the new Xbox One and claims to be quieter than the existing Xbox 360 console. 

Not much else has been announced about this redesigned Xbox 360 so we assume that the specs, aside from general console size, will remain the same.  If you are still waiting to buy an Xbox, which to choose?!



That depends on what you are looking for - incredible gaming machine or all-in-one home theater and communications command center.  The Xbox One seems to do it all - if only it could wash the dishes for me!  Is Xbox One the way of the future?  Change between a game, a movie, cable TV and the internet just by talking to Kinect...sounds pretty sci-fi to me!  Microsoft has done an incredible job at updating our level of multi-tasking ability, even when "relaxing" in front of the TV!  Here's more on the Xbox One: Microsoft Come Clean

Xbox did announce a number of games exclusive to the Xbox One.  Not sure if this is smart or if it will just make the new Xbox 360 sales lag.  But, Xbox 360 will still allow you to play used games.  Guess we need to wait to hear more about the new Xbox 360 which is supposed to be available today.  But...it's not yet available on the Microsoft website nor any of the major big-box retailers.  Perhaps they are sitting on shelves at some...but, not at our local Gamestop nor Best Buy.  We love you Xbox, but you just keep on teasing us!


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Xbox 720 & PS4 - Rumor Has It

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February 20, 2013 should prove to be an interesting day! The long awaited PS4 will officially be revealed by Sony. It looks like we should hear about the Xbox 720 from Microsoft this Spring and if we're lucky, both consoles will launch in the US just in time for the 2013 holiday season! You bet we're excited!

Rumor has it, that the PS4 will have a Controller redesign with a touchpad in the center and a dedicated 'Share' button. The PS4 may record the last 15 minutes of play for your sharing pleasure. Bye, bye DualShock. And, the PS4 is going to be more PC-like. They are talking 4GB right now, but the PS4 should offer an improved data moving speed that was an issue with the PS3.

It is expected that both the PS4 (code name Orbis) and the Xbox 720 (code name Durango) will see vast improvements to their processing power...improved graphics cards, more bandwith, and the ability to support 4K graphics. We can't wait to see what they do with their Motion-Capture Control (PS Move and Xbox Kinect).

Rumor has it that the Xbox 720 will be a Blu-ray player! Both will continue being multi-media centers.

If you really want to Geek Out, check out VGLeaks for detailed Specs: Xbox 720 / Durango  PS4 / Orbis Specs  

Get a quick PS4 vs Xbox 720 comparison at Stuff.tv 

Got a PS4 or Xbox 720 rumor tip?  Tell us what you know!