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It's that time of year where you sit there and rack your brain trying to figure out what to get that person in your life that already has everything! They have every game, game console, streaming media device, and what do you get for them? Get your Gamer or Tech Junkie the Gift of Organization and give them a HIDEit Mounts Gift Card! A gift card is the perfect solution when you know that you want to help your friend/brother/aunt clean up their TV mess but don't know the dimensions of their cable box. Available in $10, $25, $50 and $100, a HIDEit Mounts Gift Card is a unique gift idea for the hard-to-buy-for person in your life!


US Shipping Prices REDUCED!

At HIDEit Mounts, we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible. We have continued to grow and have recently seen a price reduction in our US Shipping Rates, so we have passed that savings on to you!

Now, our smallest products ship for as low as $3.99! These items include our Uni-S and Uni-SW. Buy a HIDEit 4 or 3SS and it ships for as low as $4.99! And, our large mounts including our Uni-M, Uni-MW, Uni-MXW, Uni-L and Uni-LS ship for as low as $5.99!

Thanks for helping us grow!


Black Friday Deals = Bundles of Bundles!

We won't weigh in on the controversy of Black Friday actually starting on Thanksgiving...but if you are looking for a killer deal on a PS4, Wii U or Xbox One game console, you may consider it. We'll still be sitting on the couch with a turkey hangover, but maybe you don't like turkey...

This year retailers are throwing out all that they can...consoles bundled with 1, 2, and even 4 games! Plus, store gift cards. It does sound enticing so if you plan to eat and run (to the stores) this Thanksgiving, has the breakdown for the best deals.

The best options at the biggest Retailers:

PS4 + Grand Theft Auto V and Last of Us = $399.99 at Target and Walmart

PS4 + Lego Batman 3 and Little Big Planet 3 = $399.99 at Toys R Us

Xbox One + Assassin's Creed Unity and Black Flag + $50 Target Gift Card = $329.99 at Target

Wii U + Skylanders SWAP Force = $199.99 at Toys R Us

Best Buy and Gamestop also have comparable Black Friday deals.

So, that time will the stores open?!

Best Buy and Toys R Us will open at 5pm, Target and Walmart will open at 6pm on Black Thursday aka Thanksgiving. You'll have to wait until midnight for Gamestop. Here's a complete list of Black Friday Hours.

If you don't want wait, brave the crowds or leave your couch on Thanksgiving, check online...there will be plenty of deals to be had before Cyber Monday. Amazon is ALREADY running their Black Friday "Lightning Deals" like FIFA 15 for under $30 (yup, we got it). They don't have any crazy deals on consoles, but if you want some new games or accessories, now is the time to buy! Dell has Black Friday Deals on a variety of electronics including the Alienware Alpha console plus some impressive Samsung TV deals. And, HIDEit Mounts will have a Black Friday Sale starting on Thanksgiving at 5pm Eastern. Get the details soon on our Facebook page!



New HIDEit Mount for Small Components

Small components are all the rage, didn't you know? The devices seem to be getting smaller but only a few are small enough to conceal and attach with velcro or zip we made a new size Universal Adjustable Component Mount to make your life easier! 

The Uni-SW is the same design as the Uni-S, but it expands further to accommodate devices that are 1.7" up to 2.7" deep. Which devices fit into this wall mount? Quite a few small cable boxes fit perfectly in the Uni-SW. If you have an old Mac mini, it will fit! The original Nintendo Wii fits beautifully and with the Wii in mind, we made sure to offer the Uni-SW in white. One of the most exciting products that fits in the Uni-SW is the Toshiba 5500 and 6400 DVD Blu-ray Player...yes, a DVD player that was designed for vertical orientation! Use a Black Uni-SW to mount it and you're in business!

Want more details? Check out the Uni-SW page!

HIDEit Small Device Wall Mount | Wii | Toshiba | DVD | Blu-ray | Slingbox


The first to bring you the Wii Wall Mount has introduced an incredible PS4 Wall Mount!

At HIDEit Mounts, we have been working on perfecting our PS4 Wall Mount for a long time...the unique design required some special attention to ensure perfection! Now it is available and is our most affordable large Game Console Wall Mount to date! Priced at just $34.99, there's no reason not to buy our HIDEit 4 to get your PlayStation elevated to it's rightful place, on the wall near the TV!

Like all of our mounts, our PS4 Mount offers openings that coincide with the vents on your precious PlayStation and there is an opening for the Power Port when placed on the left and Digital Out Port when placed on the right. Our PS4 Mount has a barely noticeable lip that fits right into the center groove of the PS4 keeping it stable and secure on the wall. Made in the USA from durable Steel and finished with a matte black powder coating, this PS4 wall mount is exactly what you need to complete your gaming setup with class and style! Attach the wall mount with just 2 screws, slide your PS4 down and in, and you are ready to play!

Order your HIDEit 4 - PlayStation 4 Wall Mount and get free US Shipping (up to $7.99 value) with code HIDEPS4 for a limited time.

HIDEit Mounts | PS4 Wall Bracket | PS4 Floating Wall Shelf | PS4 Caseholder | Gaming Console MountHIDEit PS4 Wall Mount | PlayStation 4 Storage | PS4 Bracket | Secure PS4 | PlayStation Protection


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Activision has just launched their newest installment in the Call of Duty franchise.  Having just launched, many think this is the Game of the Year and will yield an impressive $1B+ in sales for Activision.  There's plenty of hype for the game and goodness knows, they pulled out all of the stops with this one by enlisting Kevin Spacey.  For the ladies that get to watch their guy play COD for hours, you'll enjoy the Hollywood Blockbuster feel of this game.

What else?  Better graphics, as expected (or demanded).  Since Advanced Warfare takes place in 2054, you get to play with new technology not seen in previous COD games.  The "exo" gives way to some Super Hero style powers which requires an adjustment to how you play.

Some reviewers are not impressed and expect the sales of this game to be less than Call of Duty: Ghosts.  The reviews on Amazon are being posted by the minute with plenty of praise but also a fair share of criticism.   

Decide for yourself.  Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is available pretty much everywhere...and on PS4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC and you can purchase it as a Digital Download, Limited Edition, Pro Edition and the early release Day Zero Edition.



HIDEit Mounts aren't just for your Home...

When we first dreamed of HIDEit Mounts in 2008, it all began with the desire to store the Wii somewhere other than in plain site. We ran with the concept of hiding electronic devices and components ever since. It wasn't until we received messages and images from our customers that we realized our wall mounts are the solution for more than just creating a clean home theater or gaming setup.

Turns out, our wall mounts are being used in RVs...makes total sense! Our mounts are perfect for saving space and goodness knows, RVs don't tend to be very big!

Game Console Storage in RV | HIDEit Mounts | Save space in an RV

Not being boat owners (unfortunately), we hadn't thought about HIDEit Mounts in boats until we received this review from Steven E.:

   "We live on a yacht the hideit mount for xbox is excellent. Great for keeping bench tops clear. Excellent service great company to deal with."

If being in RVs and Yachts wasn't awesome enough, our mounts were used in the remodel of several Celebrity Cruise Ships when they added their Xbox Gaming areas! Here you can see our XS below the TV!

HIDEit Xbox 360 Mount | Wall mount for Xbox | Xbox Mount

We can't wait to see where HIDEit Mounts will be used next!


Now that you wall mounted your TV, how do you HIDE the Cable Box?

You finally did it, you hired a TV Installation Pro or used your DIY skills and wall mounted your TV.  Feels better, doesn’t it?  Sleek and clean…oh wait, you still have your cords, cable box and components all over the place?  Wall mounting your TV isn’t the only solution to create the professional home theater setup you are looking for…it’s really just the start.

Next is to deal with the TV components.  You could purchase a horizontal wall mounted component shelf, but they are limited on how much weight they can handle being horizontal - some are even made of a flimsy plastic.  Besides, you still have to look at it!  So, how do you hide that ugly cable box?! 

At HIDEit Mounts, we specialize in hiding your TV components BEHIND your TV.  We started with wall mounts for game consoles but quickly realized that our customers wanted a cable box wall mount, too.  Though Motorola and Scientific Atlanta make cable boxes and DVR receivers for many of the big companies like DISH, Comcast, Time Warner, U-verse and FiOS, they don’t make them a consistent size - DirecTV makes their own satellite receivers and still have a variety of sizes available!  We knew the best solution would be something that could work for all of them so we worked tirelessly to create an adjustable component wall mount.  Now, we offer a complete line of Universal Mounts that will hold any cable box available.


Which TV Mount Should You Buy?

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At HIDEit Mounts, we don’t make or sell TV Wall Mounts…at least not right now.  However, we are often asked which TV Mounts work best with our Component Wall Mounts.

There are a few types of TV Wall Mounts available.  If you aren’t trying to HIDE your A/V components behind your TV, then you can buy a Flat Mount TV Bracket.  These are very close to the wall and don’t allow for any movement.  

If you are looking to mount only a few components that are thin and small like a Roku and Apple TV which are less than 1” deep, then you can likely use a Tilting TV Wall Mount or a Tilt/Swivel Mount since most can extend more than 1.5” when fully tilted.

But, if you want to wall mount larger components like a PS4 at 2” deep, a cable box at 2.5-3” deep plus some small devices, you need a Fully Articulating Wall Mount.  Full Articulating Wall Mounts allow you to pull the TV away from the wall, swivel from left to right, and tilt up and down.  These TV mounts offer the most space behind the TV for your peripheral equipment and the bonus is that you can adjust them to maximize your view.  I like to pull the TV out further when we have a movie night - it’s the free way to make your TV feel bigger!

Once you have decided between Flat, Tilt, Tilt/Swivel and Articulating, search for a TV mount that takes up a small wall footprint.  The space that the mount itself takes up on the wall will minimize the amount of space you have for your components.  No big deal if you are only mounting a few things, but if you have a handful of components, the wall mount’s footprint becomes more important.

Last, make sure that the mount you are purchasing works with the size of your TV.  If you opt for one that is VESA compliant (most are), installation should be pretty straightforward.


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